Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Even a completely healthy person may contract certain diseases if they have intercourse with a person carrying these diseases. Because intercourse involves the exchange of bodily fluids, several diseases that cannot be transmitted any other way are easily passed from person to person during sex, and several common diseases that can sometimes be transmitted by other means are much more likely to pass to a sexual partner during intercourse.

Below, you will find some quick facts about some of the most problematic sexually transmitted diseases; these facts should help you understand why these diseases pose so many risks, how you can protect yourself against them, and what you can do if you suspect that you have contracted one or more of them.

Gonorrhoea is known to be one of the most dangerous infections. This could happen to someone while having sexual intercourse. In this disease a bacteria known as Neisseria Gonorrhea is transferred from one person to other person. The bacteria could travel from body to body through via mucous membranes of urethra, cervix and anal canal while having sexual intercourse. A female who is infected by such bacteria could notice slight discharge in her vagina or marginal burning sensation while passing out urine. The end result acknowledged through the spread of these bacteria may cause severe cramps, fever and could also cause sterility in the formation of tissues. Although the symptoms of such can be experienced in males within a week after infection which as a result affects the penis and may bring discharging of yellowish pus from it and makes it painful for passing out urine. There are high chances of transfer of infection to a new born baby as well. Usage of antibiotics medicines could cure Gonorrhea.

Syphilis is also a very dangerous and found out to be most painful sexual transmitted disease caused by Spirochete Treponema Pallidum. In this a person who is infected places the bacterium onto the surface of cervix, vagina or oral cavity. The end result of such bacteria is that they can damage the reproductive organs as well as nervous system which conditions are fatal to men and women and could also have direct impacts on the new born babies. The remedy to such conditions is also available and could be treated through prolonged antibiotics.

Someone may not find him being affected by HIV for many years as the symptoms of such disease are not so clear. In this situation a virus destroys the immune system of a person's body which prevents a body from catching diseases. There are many causes of HIV to happen such as sexual intercourse or through already used syringe needles. Like Gonorrhoea and Syphilis, HIV also affects the new born to be a victimized by HIV. Till to date there has been no vaccine produced by the experts for so many years which could cure AIDS, which makes it a fatal disease and ends up with loss of life.

In order for avoiding getting caught with such dangerous disease one must avoid having sexual relationships including intercourses with strangers. One of the major causes of AIDS to happen is to have intercourse with prostitutes. It is highly recommended not to have intercourses with prostitutes as there are high chances of getting such fatal diseases. There are also some safety measures, such as condoms, available to people which help preventing from catching these diseases. These are some of the basic diseases that are transmitted to the body during a sexual intercourse.

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