Sunday, June 24, 2012

Potassium Supplements - Maintaining The Body's Balance

Potassium is a very important mineral required by our body and it is available in various foods like fruits, vegetables and pulses. The balance of the body's chemicals and fluids is regulated by this mineral. Potassium helps our cells to carry out the important bodily functions. When there is a lack of potassium in the body, we are recommended potassium supplements. These supplements will then help in maintaining the balance that will help us perform our bodily functions.

Deficiency of potassium is referred to as hypokalemia and if this condition is ignored, it may lead to improper functioning of our nervous system. Supplements also help in effective working of our heart and muscles. With age, the intake of food reduces and this is when potassium supplements are prescribed. Deficiency of potassium may lead to tiredness, fatigue, restlessness, depression, mood swings, weak bones and so on. Potassium deficiency is generally found in adults, due to an imbalanced and improper diet.

Old people who are prescribed diuretics may suffer from deficiency. Patients suffering from gastrointestinal infections are also prescribed potassium supplements. Gastric disorders may result in excessive vomiting and diarrhoea. People who regularly use laxatives also suffer from potassium deficiency and are put on a course of potassium supplements. Potassium supplements are prescribed by doctors when a patient is suspected of hypokalemia. Urine tests also help in identifying absence of potassium.

Depending on the severity of the condition, the doctor will administer an intravenous of potassium. A diet rich in potassium comprising of bananas, potatoes, milk and tomatoes are prescribed for people suffering from potassium deficiency. Just as sodium is important for the body, potassium is equally important and it can be got from dairy products, meats, fresh vegetables and fruits.

As per health experts, there are fewer cases of a potassium deficiency and a good diet has good amounts of potassium. A potassium deficiency may not necessarily be due to diet, it could arise due to a variety of reasons. Potassium supplements help in treating problems related to weak muscles, nervous disorders, mental disorientation and heart related illnesses. High blood pressure patients may suffer from lack of potassium in the body and hence they are prescribed these healthy supplements.

Both deficiency as well as excess of potassium are harmful to the body and may lead to complications. In the event of a dysfunction of the circulatory system and kidneys, the level may increase considerably. The patient may have to follow a strict dosage as prescribed by the physician. Potassium supplements are prescribed taking into consideration the age, weight and the individual's constitution. If you do not want to take potassium supplements, then you need to take foods that are rich in potassium like dry fruits, raisins, orange juice, beans, potatoes etc. Even tea, cocoa and coffee contain good amounts of it.

The author feels that elderly individuals must take the right amount of all natural vitamin supplements and potassium supplements.