Sunday, June 24, 2012

Functional Jaw Orthopedics for Children

To understand the most common problems related to jaw and teeth, one must first look beyond the realm of dentistry.

Problems like malocclusion, buck teeth, overcrowding of teeth etc. can all be solved later in the life by surgical/orthodontic procedures. But understanding their cause will help to prevent the development of such conditions in young children.

Mouth is a part of the complex neuromuscular network of the facial region. Thus, problems like the ones mentioned above, are not inconvenient for teeth, but also cause difficulty in breathing, ear congestions and temporomandibular joint pains. Malocclusions and overcrowded teeth can be repaired through brief dental procedures like extractions and braces. But trying to cure problems related to ear, nose and mouth require complicated surgical procedures; often several of them.

If you consult your dentist, you will realize that there are several early indications of deformed teeth and jaw in children. Babies with teeth without any gaps between them are sure to have overcrowded teeth, as permanent teeth will outgrow the current space. Excessive thumb sucking, feeding from a bottle, pacifiers can cause the upper jaw to protrude. Young children who snore are already showing signs of constricted airways due to underdeveloped/retruded jaws. Mouth breathing can cause the mouth to constantly stay open, leading to an underdeveloped lower jaw and overcrowded teeth.

It is clear from the above stated facts that the fundamental structure of the jaw and teeth is formed during childhood. In fact, natural orthopedic forces are unwittingly at work right since birth. If the child is in a habit of putting objects in his mouth, or has suffered some injuries to his facial region, it may reflect on the growth of his/her jaw.

Most common mistake that parents make is not visiting the dentists until they see a major issue. This is because it is a common perception that only adults need sophisticated dental care. However, most adult dental problems can be avoided through proper treatment in childhood.

Regular visits to the dentist will help to detect any indications of dental problems.

Functional jaw orthopedics uses a developmental approach to cure early signs of malocclusion. Early prediction of dental issues has led to its steady rise in popularity.

Jaw expansion with the help of metal braces is a common practice so that teeth need not be extracted later in life. Removable orthodontic appliances tone muscular forces in the jaw to give a proper bite.

If your child is showing any such early signs of jaw and teeth problems, it is best that you consult a dentist. Visit a practitioner of functional orthopedics today!

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