Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stop Smoking for good by joining a research program

It is a common knowledge that smoking causes many illnesses to the smokers and maybe secondary smokers. Smoking can cause lung cancer, heart disease, impotency for men and miscarriage for women. From this, we know that smoking gives no advantages to the people. Thus, people are suggested to stop smoking for good. Stop smoking can lessen the risk of lung cancer or any illnesses caused by smoking cigarettes or cigars. Unfortunately, stop smoking is not that easy for people who are already addicted to smoking. Even, their body suggests them to smoke. There are some excuses such as ‘not able to think well if they are not smoking’, ‘unable to sleep well without smoking’, and so forth.

If you want to try stop smoking for good, there is a research program, which helps people to quit smoking. The program involves smokers from any ages to join the treatment in a required time. During that time, they will be given some medicine to help them overcome their craving towards cigarettes and smoking. In addition to the medication, the participants will also be given some non-medication treatment to be sober. After that, they will join some other programs as the follow up action to make sure that they have stopped smoking.